Inventory Reporting

Sycamore technicians will remove any identifying labels/stickers and wipe or destroy all data storage systems in accordance with NIST 800-88 data destruction standards, including copier hard drives. Any hard drives that are unable to be wiped will be physically destroyed in our on site shredders to NAID-AAA standards.

Technicians test all pieces for functionality, damage, and completeness. Data on functionality and condition will be included in the inventory report. This testing includes counts of peripherals such as AC power adapters, mice, monitors and keyboards.

During this refurbishment process, all data is digitally destroyed on storage mediums using a variety of methods to overwrite the entirety of standard platter drives repeatedly, followed by final verification steps. Data on solid state drives is accomplished through a similar, but slightly different encryption and overwriting process, depending on the specific model. Any storage that cannot be digitally wiped successfully is mechanically destroyed in our facility. Our organization meets or exceeds the NIST 800-88 standards for data security, which include the above data security controls and destruction methods, as well as extended protocols for chain of custody of information systems. For Apple products, we will coordinate with your staff to ensure they can successfully dis-enroll all devices from your DEP system (if applicable) ideally prior to equipment removal, as well as ensuring iCloud removal, which is necessary for effective data destruction.