About Us

We reclaim value from high volumes of unused and end-of-life IT assets through secure, zero-waste processing and sustainable business practices.

Our Story

Based outside of Philadelphia in West Grove, PA, Sycamore has empowered schools and enterprises to reclaim value from laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, servers, networking equipment and more, leading with intention and resourcefulness since 2010.

Today, our annual ITAD e-scrap processing capacity is 20 million pounds. We handle about 40,000 devices a month. Operating with an entirely carbon-neutral process, we generate 100% of our electricity on site with our solar microgrid powered by an Iron Flow ESS Energy Warehouse™.

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Community Support

At Sycamore we recognize our civic responsibility and actively support the communities that help us grow. Our corporate giving is directed toward local agencies and non-profit organizations that provide needed services to those communities.

Over the years we have donated refurbished technology to various community groups, special education programs and local high school programs.