Data Destruction

Secure chain of custody collection, data destruction and IT asset recycling services for organizations.

Destroy Data with Confidence

Every device you dispose of possesses information that may be a liability to your company. With major data breach stories breaking seemingly every week, it is clear that the right device in the wrong hands can undermine immense time and resources invested in your security.

At Sycamore, you can take confidence in knowing that your devices are stored safely and recycled responsibly in an independently audited and secure facility. Nothing that comes to our facility ever goes into a landfill, in compliance with the industry’s highest third-party accredited standards for information security and environmental impact.

All data is digitally destroyed on storage mediums using a variety of methods to overwrite the entirety of standard platter drives repeatedly, followed by final verification steps. Data on solid state drives is removed through a similar, but slightly different encryption based overwriting process, depending on the specific model. Any storage that cannot be digitally wiped successfully is physically shredded and destroyed within our facility. 

Our NAID-AAA Certified organization meets or exceeds the NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M standards for data security, which include the above data security controls and destruction methods, as well as extended protocols for chain of custody of information systems.


Services Provided


Secure Chain of Custody
IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)


Data Destruction &
Shredding Services


R2v3 & NAID AAA Certified
IT Asset Recycling

Procedures You Can Trust

Verifying data destruction is almost impossible after-the-fact. Choosing experienced data security professionals you can trust is important when it comes to protecting yourself and your company against modern threats.

At Sycamore, our removal specialists are trained in properly packaging and transporting all equipment and back to our facility. We work with clients to implement a plan to responsibly dispose of any surplus devices while minimizing strain on their day to day organizational tasks.


R2v3 and NAID AAA-Certified

Sycamore is an R2v3 and Naid AAA Certified electronics recycler with over 14 years of experience in the data security industry. Wiping and refurbishing as many as 50,000 electronic devices per month, we serve as a single-source solution for corporations, schools, and governmental agencies.

Our secure chain-of-custody, vetted and professional staff, and live-tracking of assets are just a few of the many mechanisms we have in place to safeguard your equipment. Sycamore takes pride in making sure all devices are recycled responsibly. We work closely with third-party agents to ensure that all recycling procedures are followed and all devices are being disposed of in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.